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Carefully read these instructions before proceeding!

It may happen that your iPod music library becomes corrupted.

Simptoms of this situation are:

   * when browsing iPod no songs are shown.
   * iTunes shows error on startup.
   * iTunes freezes when plugging iPod.

If YamiPod shows an error on startup but iTunes doesn't, you probably found a bug in YamiPod. Please report it by email.
if iTunes is working there's no need to repair!

Once you've make sure there's really something wrong with your music library, start YamiPod with your iPod unplugged and choose Tools->Advanced->Repair in menubar.

From here on you'll be asked to answer a very short number of questions and based on them the program will try repair as best as possible.

If you've been using only YamiPod (except iTunes) before having problems, answer Yes to the question: Was the problem caused by YamiPod?.
Now you'll be able to choose which database to restore:

   * the one that was on iPod before using the current version of YamiPod for the first time.
   * the latest one YamiPod though was working.

Usually it's suggested to first try the latter one, then if it didn't work to start repair again and choose the first one.

If you never used YamiPod or your problems began after using some other software answer No to the question: Was the problem caused by YamiPod?. The program will try to repair the music database getting song information out of files found on iPod, unfortunately this method won't recover playlists, ratings, playcounts, podcasts, artwork, compilation tag and any other iTunes special information.
In some rare occasions repair function may not work, read http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=60983 to find out how to restore your iPod.