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  • 曲のリストボックスにファイルドラッグ&ドロップしてください。 フォルダも同様にできます。YamiPodはサブフォルダ内の対応したファイルを追加します。

  • In the window that will appear you'll be able to assign song informations (title,album name, artist...) for each single file or setting them for every file ticking the All checkboxes.

  • プレイリストタブで以下のものを選択できます:
    • 出力先: ドラッグされたファイルをどこに追加するか。
    • 歌詞名: 歌詞の名前付け方法。
    • フォルダからプレイリストを作成: this will add all songs in a folder to a playlist named as the folder. For example if you dragged a folder called Music with 2 subfolders: 70's and 80's containing various files. Files in 70's will be added to a newly created folder called 70's. Files in the other folder will be added to a playlist called 80's.

  • In Advanced tab you can select: Auto capital first letter: will titlecase all song tags.
    • 重複したら: すでにiPod上に同じ曲が存在する場合の動作
    • Get song infos by path and filename: if your song tags are missing but you named and placed your song following a particular order, you can tell YamiPod to get song tags out of filename an path.

   if you've selected multiple songs to add you can quickly edit next (previous) song informations by pressing ALT+down (up).