WiFi - ベースバンドチップ


158h - W_BBSIOCNT - ベースバンド シリアル転送制御 (W)

 0-7   インデックス (00h-68h)
 8-11  未使用  (0にしなければならない)
 12-15 方向 (5=BBSIOWRITE の値をチップに書き込む, 6=BBSIOREADへチップからデータを読み込む)


15Ah - W_BBSIOWRITE - ベースバンド シリアル書き込みデータ (W)

 0-7   チップに送るデータ (by following W_BBSIOCNT transfer)
 8-15  未使用 (0 にしなければならない)

15Ch - W_BBSIOREAD - ベースバンド シリアル読み込みデータ (R)

 0-7   チップからのデータ読み込み (from previous W_BBSIOCNT transfer)
 8-15  未使用 (常に0)

15Eh - W_BBSIOBUSY - ベースバンド シリアルビジーフラグ (R)

 0     通信ビジー (0=Ready, 1=Busy)
 1-15  常に0

Used to sense transfer completion after writes to W_BBSIOCNT.
Not sure if I am doing something wrong... but the busy flag doesn't seem to get set immediately after W_BBSIOCNT writes, and works only after waiting a good number of clock cycles?

160h - W_BBSIOMODE (R/W)

 0-7   常に0
 8     未知 (通常 1) (no effect no matter what setting?)
 9-13  常に0
 14    未知 (通常 0) (W_BBSIOREAD gets unstable when set)
 15    常に0



 0-3   Disable whatever   (通常 0Dh=無効)
 4-14  常に 0
 15    W_BBSIO-ports 無効 (通常 1=無効)


Read-Write-Ability of the BB registers

 Index    Num Dir Expl.
 00h        1 R   always 6Dh (R) (maybe chip id)
 01h..0Ch  12 R/W 8bit R/W
 0Dh..12h   6 -   always 00h
 13h..15h   3 R/W 8bit R/W
 16h..1Ah   5 -   always 00h
 1Bh..26h  12 R/W 8bit R/W
 27h        1 -   always 00h
 28h..4Ch     R/W 8bit R/W
 4Dh        1 R   always 00h or BFh (depending on other regs)
 4Eh..5Ch     R/W 8bit R/W
 5Dh        1 R   always 01h (R)
 5Eh..61h     -   always 00h
 62h..63h   2 R/W 8bit R/W
 64h        1 R   always FFh or 3Fh (depending on other regs)
 65h        1 R/W 8bit R/W
 66h        1 -   always 00h
 67h..68h   2 R/W 8bit R/W
 69h..FFh     -   always 00h

Important BB Registers

Registers 0..68h are initialized by firmware bootcode, and (most) of these settings do not need to be changed by other programs, except for:

 Addr Initial Meaning
 01h 0x9E    [unsetting/resetting bit 7 initializes/resets the system?]
 13h 0x00    CCA operation - criteria for receiving
                   0=only use Carrier Sense (CS)
                   1=only use Energy Detection (ED)
                   2=receive if CS OR ED
                   3=receive only if CS AND ED
 1Eh 0xBB    see change channels flowchart
 35h 0x1F    Energy Detection (ED) criteria
             value 0..61 (representing energy levels of -60dBm to -80dBm)



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