Man:There've been fifty two deaths we're aware of and that's just in a past week.
Man:Every single one of them involved a heart attack.
Man:They were all criminals who's right been held in prison or who were wanted by police for their standing(?) crimes.
I think it's safe to say there're other criminals whose deaths are not accounted for.
Man: In which case the death toll could be well over one hundred.

Matsuda: Oh, here(?), chief. They started the meeting without you.
Soichiro: That's fine. I had to take an urgent call from the headquarters.

Man: At any rate, these were criminals who were probably facing executions sooner or later. Perhaps we shouldn't..
Man: Why shouldn't it matter whether it's a criminal or someone innocent? Last time I checked...

Man: Murder was still murder.
Man: It's still too early to consider these as homicide.
Man: Then how did all these people have all heart attacks at the exact same time? That's not coincidence. It's murder.
Man: You think it's possible to simultaneously kill all these people in different locations.
Man: We're treating this as an elaborate murder [brought that've

been carried out] by a large organization.

Man: If it is a large organization, I'm sure I'm not alone in suspecting FBI or CIA.
Man: I dare you to say that again!
Man: No. No. This is not a time to be joking around.
Man: We need to confirm if these are indeed homicide and not coincidences.
Man: Autopsy results show that in all of these cases the victims died of sudden heart attack.
Man: Investigating a series of heart attack is pointless. I don't see what else we can learn.

Man: Absolutely. If these people've been shot or stabbed, at least we'd have something to go on.
Man: If that's the case, we'd simply have no choice but to bfing in L.

Matsuda: Oh Chief. What is this L they are talking about?
Souichiro: Right. I forgot that this is your first time to this conference.
We don't know L's real name or whereabouts.
In fact we still don't know what he looks like.
However he's managed to solve every case he's ever taken on.
And he's tackled some of the greatest mysteries this world's ever known.
He hides in the shadows, but he is the best of the best. The last resort, a trump card.

Man: But I've heard this L is extremely arrogant. I understand he'd only take on cases that he's personally interested in.
Man: That's exactly right.
Besides, we don't even know how to contact him.

Watari: L is already on the move.

Watari: Gentlemen. L has already begun his investigation into this incident.
Man: Watari.
Matsuda: Ha? Who's that?

Soichiro: That man is the only known person who can contact L.
Nobody knows his true identity either.

Watari: Please be silent.
L would now like to address the delegates.

L: Greetings to all of you at the ICPO.
I am L.



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