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In beginning

My character is AGIWIZ (Agility type Wizard).
I tried some funny missions.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Here! Here!! :)

Part1 Abyssmal Knight Rapid Kill

Abyssmal Knight has shadow property Lv4 and MDEF50+57.
But, My trick can ignore both feature.

First, I use Ice-Wall for trapping him, and disabling his Brandish-Spear.
Second, I use Stone-Curse for disabling his shadow property, then, he becomes earth property Lv1.
Last, I use Fire-Pillar, disabling his MDEF (FP always piercings MDEF).

Now, Abyssmal Knight always killed by FP 15 EA.

Unfotrunately, This trick consumes much money (Blue-Gem x 15, Red-Gem x 3).
Oh No!!

I need new trick cheaper than this trick, then I develop it. (See Part2)

Part2 Abyssmal Knight Rapid Kill Revised

Fire-Pillar has very tricky feature, "Multiple Hits".

If FP invokes by plural enemies, FP damages enemies multipled by number of enemies.
Example, If FP invokes by three sleepers, FP damages each sleeper 3 times. (Then, sleepers died.)

Unfortunately, This features only avalable in FPshoot(FP kicking by Sight-Blaster or Magnum Break).
Remenber, If you train plural enemies to FP, FP invokes only top runner! FP damages each enemy 1 times.

I use this feature "Multiple Hit", for Abyssmal Knight.
First, I use Ice-Wall for trapping Abyssmal Knight and Khalitzburg x 2, there is three enemies.
Second, I use Stone-Curse to Abyssmal Knight. (Don't use SC for Khalitzburg!)
Final, I stucks five Fire-Piller, and I kick FP to enemies!
Each FP damages enemies 3 times, There is 5 FPs, FP hits 15 times at once!! Then, Abyssmal Knight died.

My new trick consumes bit money (Blue-Gem x 5, Red-Gem x1). It's equals to three Mammonites :)

I always use this trick in Glast Heim Chivalry.

I'm satisfied with my trick.

Part3 Izlude Arena (Lv70〜89)

Part4 Devilring

Part5 Ogretooth

Part6 Solo in Glast Heim Chivalry 1F

Part7 Ghostring

Part8 Angelring

Part9 Solo in Glast Heim Castle 2F

Part10 Solo in Bio Laboratory 2F

Part11 Laurell Weinder




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