WiFi - WiFi統計情報


1A8h - W_STAT_INC - Statistics Increment Flags (R)
Bitmask for which statistics have been increased at least once.

1AAh - W_STAT_INC_IE - 統計情報 増加割り込み有効 (R/W)


Statistic Interrupt Enable Control register for Count Up.

0x20 = FCS_ERROR,
0x40 = FCS_OK,
0x800 = DUPE, ?

1ACh - W_STAT_OVF - 統計情報オーバーフローフラグ (R)
Bitmask that tells which statistics have overflowed.

1AEh - W_STAT_OVF_IE - 統計情報オーバーフロー割り込み有効 (R/W)


Statistic Interrupt Enable for Overflow, bits same as in STATSIECNTUP

1B0h, etc.. - W_STAT - Wifi 統計情報 (R)
the W_STAT registers are a collection of registers (specificly: 0x1B0, 0x1B2, 0x1B4, 0x1B6, 0x1B8, 0x1BA, 0x1BC, 0x1BE, 0x1C0, 0x1C4, 0x1D0, 0x1D2, 0x1D4, 0x1D6, 0x1D8, 0x1DA, 0x1DC, 0x1DE)
Each halfword contains two bytes that are individual statistics - when a halfword is read both bytes are reset to zero. The actual statistics that are represented are presently unknown, some effort will be put into trying to identify them sometime soon.
Additionally, when one of them increments, generally a "Counter overflow" or "AckCounter Overflow" interrupt is flagged. (see info on W_IE and W_IF)

W_STAT is a collection of byte-granular statistics entries.
These entries reset to 0 when read.

 01B0 R/W   W_STAT          --ff [0000]
 01B2 R/W   W_STAT          ffff [0000] RX_LengthErrorCount RX_RateErrorCount
 01B4 R/W   W_STAT          --ff [0000]
 01B6 R/W   W_STAT          ffff [0000]
 01B8 R/W   W_STAT          --ff [0000]
 01BA R/W   W_STAT          --ff [0000]
 01BC R/W   W_STAT          ffff [0000]
 01BE R/W   W_STAT          ffff [0000]
 01C0 R/W   W_STAT          --ff [0000]
 01C4 R     W_STAT          0000 [0000]

1D0h..1DEh are 15 entries related to multiplayer response errors

 01D0 R/W   W_STAT          ff-- [0000]
 01D2 R/W   W_STAT          ffff [0000]
 01D4 R/W   W_STAT          ffff [0000]
 01D6 R/W   W_STAT          ffff [0000]
 01D8 R/W   W_STAT          ffff [0000]
 01DA R/W   W_STAT          ffff [0000]
 01DC R/W   W_STAT          ffff [0000]
 01DE R/W   W_STAT          ffff [0000]



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