The tips I have to memorize


cLTP reagent.
1. 0mM Mg++
2. 4mM Ca++
3. 50 microM forskolin (cAMP producer)
4. 100 microM picrotoxin (GABAR inhibitor)
5. 100 microM rolipram (PDE-4 inhibitor: keep cAMP active)

There are three ways express DNA in vivo.
1. uteroelectrophoration
2. transgenic mice
3. AAV (adeno-associated virus)

1.PI(Propidium iodide) staining neuronal death marker
   PI binds to DNA.
2.NeuN staining of nuclear of neurons
  (NeuN is the proteins which is localized in the nuclear in neurons)
3.GFAP glia, especially astrocyte, maker
4.Iba1 microglia marker

immunocytochemistry of hippocampal slice is 10-40 microm
vibratome is difficult to cut less than 40 microm.

AMPAR EPSC(pA) voltage clamp -60 mV
NMDAR EPSC(pA) voltage clamp 40 mV