The convenient phases for talking in conversation



Rieko lesson
comfort zone= mental thing
There is no easy-way-out for your choice.
provide an easy way out for troubles
take the easy way out
look for easy ways out

There's too many things on your plate.

If I go to Spain, what would've happened
If I go to Spain, how it would've been.
could've should've would've, oh well. 悩んでもしょうがない。
I could've do it.

I just remember that Joe's told me.
Speaking of Joe' Joe'といえば。

This is even worse.
This is even better than I expected.


Your participation would be greatly appreciated.

This protein is composed of A, B, C.
This protein is comprised of A, B, C.
This plan comprises many steps

Membrane is rich in cholesterol.
cholesterol is enriched in membrane.

You cannot always succeed twice running.
not always work good

Rumor is not necessarily the truth, sometimes it is false rumor.

not always correspond with each other

act funny
My account is acting funny.

I was under the impression that
Sorry for the late reply. I was under the impression that the deadline of the submission of my part is around mid-April. In any case, between back to work chaos, Natalie getting sick, and us selling the house (thus intense cleaning for open house. But it is sold!) there is no chance that I could get this done earlier.

FINC review
outstanding balance
Interactive Review = discussion

on-time delivery
on-time flight
定時運行{ていじ うんこう}
We guarantee on-time arrival.
We are crazy about on-time performance.

改正{かいせい}、訂正{ていせい}、修正{しゅうせい}(条項{じょうこう})、修正案{しゅうせい あん}

dismantle the neuclear weapons
dismantle any terrorist network


made availableとavailableの違い。
where possible 
when possible

throw away ----small thing, more organize
throw out ---big thing, freedom, 野蛮。

自慢話 interesting story or proud story, something to brag about.
なつかしい nostalgic feeling, good memory.

hagesou. I went almost bald


She is the only cousin who I am closest to.
I am closest to her the most.
We are close.
I have given up already.
I stopped worrying or stop thinking.
No high hopes

We get together often.
I am on the waiting list for burning man.

I am not sure what expected
Anxious= anxiety attacks 不安発作
heart panding
I want some spice in my life
To sum up, So basically,

spice my life.
I want some excitment in my life.

I am going to figure it out.
I can do it somehow.
I am going to manage.
I will handle it.
Will see... open the box anyway.

dead wrong

Rieko lesson last week

It is best of the worst (choices).
broken promises

You cannot choice the goood things. right?
No I can't.

Did they already arrange your living situation?

You can appreciate the truth about someone only when you can see their negative points.

Only time will tell.
City gather people.
People will gather to the city.

about to be conquered /overpowered
pushed to the edge/ pushed to the limit
There is no turning back

Nothing I can say.
In those days, food was not always as available as it is now.



long-term ろんぐとぅーむ
protrusion ぷるとぅるーじょん tの後、おーを入れない。
retro-grade signaling れちょーぐれーど しぐなりん

synthesis si'nθəsis

cerebral cortex

studded すたでぃど
sip síp しっぷ
ship ʃíp しゅいっぷ
bus bʌ́s ぶす
bath bǽθ ばえあす。
relationship riléiʃnʃìp
top floor
The understanding of spine morphology has progressed with the study of electron microscopy.
vietnam びーえとなむ
vietnamees びーえとなみーず

smooth smu'ːð
breath bréθ ブレス 息
breathe bríːð ブリーズ 息をする
Breadth 幅、広さ bre'dθ
heart 心臓、心、hɑ'ːrt
hard hɑ́ːrd ハード 厳しい
heard hə́ːrd ハード 聞いた
search sə'ːrtʃ 探す 
pearl パール pə'ːrl
earth ə'ːrθ
close klóuz くろーず 閉じる
close klóus くろーず 近くに、近い
cloth klɔ́(ː)θ くろーす 生地
clothes klóuz くろうず(くろうずず)洋服

geriatrics dʒèriǽtrik 老年者{ろうねん しゃ}、高齢者
gerontology dʒèrəntɑ́lədʒi 老年{ろうねん}[老人{ろうじん}](病)学
National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology 国立長寿医療センター
《医》リンパ芽球様{がきゅう よう}の
engender 生じる、生じさせる
Damage that engenders DNA DSBs activates ATM kinase.
concurrent 同時に起きる
concurrent phosphorylation of ATM and H2AX.
abrogate 廃止する、無効にする
inhibition of checkpoint kinase 1 abrogates G2/M checkpoint actiavation and promotes apoptosis under heat stress.
abrogate a contract at any time
marginal 取るに足らない、 最低の
marginal effect


You think too much about one point. about は、絶対必要。
stuck on one topic.
you go off topic.
I lose the focus.
forget the main topic.
My talk wanders from the point a little bit.
Back to the topic, 本題に戻って。
Going back to the story, 本題に戻って。
Let's get back to the story.

This spine got the structural plasticity with too weak stimulation to induce it ordinally.
This spine got the synapse plasticity with week stimulation that never nomally induce it.

I met the lifelong friend in Boston.
He was a president for some company. But he was fired after he made the company public.
At first I met, he looks weird. He was buzzed and chabby.
He is abnormal person.さすが社長というだけあって。
But actually his ambition is respectful for me.

生涯の友 lifelong friend (自分で調べた)
丸刈り buzzed
he made his company public.
His ambition is very respectful to me
I respect his ambition very much.

best condition, best thing.
rock bottom
hit rock bottom
Store clerk or casher
This is a small example,


According to 本当の事実とかそこにある事実などをとても大事にして、
According to the goverment, we changed the law.
considering it ちょっと軽い感じ、これを考慮して
along with かなり依存的、
together with の場合は、人も一緒に変える。along withと近い。

your inconvenience になると、あなたがした問題
sorry for your inconvenienceにすると、あなたの問題が残念だよ。
inconvenience is uncountable.

sorry to cause you inconvenience/trouble/problem

what kind(s)はない。
what typesはあり。
what kind of coffees 基本的に、複数形。

Don't worry about the structure, as is writing your main idea.


let's go in order.
let's go in the order.
offer がgiveのofficial

The practice: I describe about picture as much as possible.
Left woman on the picture negociates with the man located on the center on the picture.

Upon article submission, a Pro-Forma invoice is made available for download from the review forum. This is only a preliminary invoice that can be used for justification purposes (such as initiating a waiver approval procedure) until a valid and payable invoice is issued.

Upon article acceptance, a valid invoice is issued and the due amount becomes payable within 30 day. Invoices can be paid by credit card, bank transfer or cheque.

VAT number, purchase order
On behalf of you,

cover letter の考察
やすがcover letterの際に、書いた文章
On a final note, given that this is an invited review, we request that the publication charge for our contribution to be waived.

final stretch 詰め
resignation (りじぐねいしょん) = resign.
letter of resignation 退職届

good to see some familiar faces. いつものメンバー。

it worth it.
Posh = cool for woman.

moving company, mover
card board boxes.

one person. two people.
stay out all night てつや
stay up all night てつやして起きる。
until late at night or all night long.

Let's play it by ear. アドリブでやろう。

I can use shinkansen up to Niigata.
After that, I will switch the line

winding down, counting down.

gormet ごーめ。
picky in his food
high sense in food
high-clas food

it is always same.
It is a repetition.れぷてぃしょん
It is a same cycle.

reputation れぴていしょん

I got ahead on my work very much.
Thanks to the golden week holiday, I was able to get much work done.

only thing is that I wish I stay in Tokyo.
I only wised to stay in Tokyo.
I wish I could've just stayed in tokyo.


I have an important errand to run. : 大事な用があるんだ。
  • Did you get your errand done? : 用事は済んだ?
  • Sorry, I've a million errands to run. : ごめんね。用事がいっぱいあって駄目なんだ。◆【場面】誘いを断る

gain in wisdom 経験を得る
それで、その結果{けっか}、結果的{けっか てき}に
this point was also echoed by the editor.
trim down縮小する
scale down

Really all they're doing is interfering with everybody else doing what needs to be done,

Just cutting corners, right?
grandbreaker 先駆者

an internal ribosomal entry site (IRES)
The picornaviral (porcine teschovirus-1) 2A (P2A) peptide-linked


I'll be in touch if we make any progress.

field diaphragm
field stop《光学》

we’d like to let you know that some of the unfortunate incidents are very sporadic

    • しないと、安心できない。
I cannot be reliefed without doing in a proper way.

We need to try best not to fail.

drink drank drunk
I studied my butt off(もろやった)
I worked my butt off years and years.すげー何年もたくさん働いた。
What a pickle! どうしよう。
You are stuck in a rut.
Life in a rut. 怠惰な生活
Just see how it goes.

りえこfirst lesson

what I want to do in Rieko lesson
1. I am gonna read these sentence quickly. Check the pronuncation
2. Potint by point checking of TED

Honestly speaking, 
to be honest, 本と言うとね
to be flank ぶっちゃけ
I want to speak my mind
I don't have many things to talk about/ much.
you are also on the web.
You are listed on your web.

It would be fine if you can

一応、let's just say for now
Let's make a tentative plan.
Let's pencil in for wed.

Rieko lesson
if anything はやく答えを求められている時など、
I tend to like this.

one hour and a half,
one and a half hours
on the other hand,
In contract 書き言葉 on the contrary 硬い。

have a relaxing time just for
For once, I like to have free time.
It would be nice to relax sometime.
I would like to relax sometimes.

I want to get independent wherever in the world.
vice visa
I will e-mail you. vice visa.

send-off party

fall within
~の範囲{はんい}[勢力下{せいりょく か}]に入る、~に含まれる
fall within reasonable range
合理的範囲内{ごうり てき はんいない}に入る[ある]
fall within someone's capabilities
fall within the estimated range
fall within the general definition of
~の一般的定義{いっぱん てき ていぎ}の範囲{はんい}に入る

Rieko lesson
Each has good point.
I've never heard it.
I've heard from A that
puzzing question
臨時 alternate substitute additional impromptu

soft nothings
sweet nothings
〔恋人同士{こいびと どうし}などの〕むつ言、愛のささやき

This could be anything from a problematic user to a retired employee.



I will tone it down. 私だったら和らげるよ。(sally)
take-home message 覚えておいてほしいこと。(sally)

regardless of the possibility of

in each time interval それぞれの時間で
less than or equal to 以下
less than 未満
round off 四捨五入
cut off 切り捨て
cut out 切り上げ
the time period of glutamte uncaging

prescriptive guide 手引きとなるガイドブック
take sides with = agree with
すすんでいる。make a big progress, happy with a big progress, I am getting there.
high rank journal を目指す。aim at the high rank journal, I am going for the high rank journal.
I home in on the high rank journal.

the accident is nothing to do with this accident= the accident is not related to this accident.

継承する succeed or inherit
harness nature ハーネスネイチャー自然{しぜん}の力を利用{りよう}する
•habituation effect 慣れ効果
A lot of patterns are atteinable 達成できる
neurons are sparsely connected まばらに スパースリィ
neuronal process is studded with synapses スタッディド ちりばめられた
it is imperative that they demonstrate that ----緊急に必要なことprerequisite, indispensable
heightened synaptic activity 高められたスパイン活動
Three candidates are vying for two seats. vie--競い合う(ばいんぐ)
persuasive speech 説得力{せっとくりょく}のある話し方
deceptive 人をだます
deceptive accounting 不正会計 deceptive name 偽名
capital mistake 大失策
animism アニミズム、精霊信仰{せいれい しんこう}◆自然のすべてに精霊が宿っているとする原始宗教。
anecdotes 逸話、秘話
lose ground 地歩{ちほ}を失う、形勢{けいせい}が不利{ふり}になる、支持{しじ}を失う、人気{にんき}がなくなる

The superpowers are losing ground to developing countries because of cheap labor.
delegate デリゲイト代議員
super delegate スーパー代議員
e.g. exampli gratia
somewhat 【副】いくらか、少々{しょうしょう}、いくぶんか、やや、ちょっと、少し、多少{たしょう}、若干{じゃっかん}、いささかHe came somewhat late. : 彼は少し遅れてやって来た。
  • The economy is improving somewhat. : 景気はやや改善している。
opaque 不透明な
It was hasty of me to show my purse. : 財布を見せたのは軽率だった。
proportional relation 比例関係
inverse proportional relation 反比例関係
overhead 間接費
両立不能な incompatible
posed by = caused by

shift+F7 aling the images
bring to forward== select the thing, right click, 重ね順、最前面へ

What is LTD? cerebellum
no cover = for free
catfish なまず
take-home message
left over

Our observations, together with a similar study from Glick’s
group24, have clearly indicated that Golgi cisternae do mature over
time in yeast cells (see Supplementary Fig. S1 for our model)

intermediate value

at the expense of one's family

No matter how study is done, serendipitous data, unexpectied data or the data beyond my expectation is needed.
The applicant must meet all of the following criteria.

let ~ be known to everyone

as countless studis have shown ...
Images corresponding to the time course in (A)に対応する

your emotion, looks good and apperance doesn't matter. Just do it.
If it is important, just important. Don't insert your emotion in it.
Just do it.
Arguement will start at your pace and finish at your pace.
You are a prencess.
That piss me off.
He pisses me off.
Don't treat me bad.
Treat me good.
you are creative for the excuses for failure.
Why you not creative for the excuses for success.

you change your attitude or comment or excuse for your own convenience.

In this way, nothing goes ahead.たぶんこれでよいと思う。
In this way, nothing goes the way.
In this way, it goes in circles.

misconduct 【名】
非行{ひこう}、不品行{ふひんこう}、違法{いほう}[不正{ふせい}]行為{こうい}、職権乱用{しょっけん らんよう}、不祥事{ふしょうじ}、まずい経営{けいえい}

order/ advice/suggestion
you have to:you must:I need you to:/
you'd better:you should:if I were you/
I think you should: I don't think you should/
What if: why don't you : you could:Let's
You need to do something like that (pretty strong)

If this situation continues at this rate
If this situation keeps going at this rate/ in this way/in this fashion
global warming continues at this rate,
as time goes on
If you keep it up

you are chilling
you got a good vibe.
easy together to get along

manner 態度
way number
fashion style
like this

limiting factor《生物》
rate-controlling factor
rate-determining factor
rate-limiting factor

There is nothing to be done about
There is nothing to be done about it.
There is nothing to be done but wait.
There is nothing to be done with
There is nothing to be gained by delaying surgery.
There is nothing to be scared about.
•There is nothing to choose between bad tongues and wicked ears.
•There is nothing to fear but fear itself.
•There is nothing to forgive.
謝ることなど何もありませんよ。/何も怒っていませんよ。◆【場面】Forgive me.などの謝罪に対して。

just to be clear はっきりさせるために
Who do you think you are?! A king or something? Go get them (by) yourself!

r = annoying にゅーさんす
changing trains is annoying. (Good sentence)
To change trains is annoying. (bad sentence)

catch up with old friends

I need to finish this paper work by the end of this month. right phrase
I need to finish this paper work until this month. wrong phrase

I will stay here until 8 pm.
I will take a visa by 8 pm.

子音 consonant 母音 vowel

from daily life
割る split apart
public bath 銭湯

tree hugger = environment conservation

from the paper
ongoing feature
ongoing analysis
ongoing activity
ongoing attention

with no intervening delay
intervening cause 中断した原因
intervening computer介在するコンピューター
integation time 積分時間

genuinely ジェニュインリー 生まれつきの

auth means 本物
land lord


両凹面{りょう おうめん}

1.未熟者{みじゅく もの}、新参者{しんざんもの}、初心者{しょしんしゃ}、新米{しんまい}
2.《キリスト教》修練者{しゅうれん しゃ}◆修道会に入って誓願を立てる前の見習い期間にある人。◆【同】novitiate

My cousins house collapsed in the earthquake.

15/Jan/2011 (Sun) Cris
blunder = mistake
•tall poppy
〈豪話〉高額所得者{こうがく しょとくしゃ}、有力者{ゆうりょくしゃ}◆【複】tall poppies

ignorance is bliss.
ignorance is not same with misstake.

discrete---not outstanding

you are indirect

•settle for
  • But for now, we'll have to settle for this print.

•preferable alternative
•preferable course of action
《a ~》望ましい方策{ほうさく}
retail outlet 小売店
settle for 満足する

(concrete example- abstract)

Knoch him/her off their high horse
Bring him back down to Earth
cutting down the tall poppy
they think their shit don't stink

hold hands 手をつなぐ

above-the-line promotion
below-the-line promotion

I'm going to call the roll.

leave it to you
as you want
whatever you want

I ensure you it is OK.= trust me.
I am sure you it is OK.
But in the case of make certain, make me certain
Korian embraces technology.
I embrace danger to do it.
I embrace new friends.
I embrace you= I welcome you.
major interest, major issue,
Don't put all of your eggs in one basket, famous saying.
privacy security
clecrease in writing skill

weight training = not muscle trainig muscle trainingは筋トレ。
callus 豆
scabs かさぶた
awkward きまづい

old school(classy)
or new school (futuristil)
physical labor 肉体労働
Ritual 儀式


go to bed
hit the bed

pased away
black out 気絶=passed out = fainted

Our cooking circle was disbanded.

I'm trying it out=I'm working(fix) it out.
I'm glad it worked out alright.

retrograde invasion = BP (back propagation)
some extent of injury happens
signals between A and B are comparable.
The response of GCaMP7 is higher than my expectation.
How much progress?



He never boasted of his success.

deputy manager 副マネージャー

hwi'tʃ which
hu'ː who

I am scared of doing this.

Bank words
top-up service
•top-up card
•top-up fees
追加授業料{ついか じゅぎょう りょう}
would you like top ups?
we will not charge you for this transaction.
We will not charge you for this transaction.
The amount of money that you have in your bank accont: balance
A piece of paper/ a receipt = an advice slip (U.K.)
紙幣 bank bill コイン coins

  • Our records show the following balance to the credit of the above named customer. : 当行の記録によれば、上記顧客の預金口座には下記の残高が入っております。

mozaic anaysis?
complementary 相補的な

外れ値 outliner

Please kindly check attached it

porn site
He said he would be here
you are delusional
We are on in 5 miniute
prom 卒業パーティー
That's quite flattering それはお世辞というものです。you flatter me
It's icky ! 気持ち悪い!
It's too hysterical. : 笑いが止まらないよ。
you can't tell me you've ever seen anything like that.
What (have) we got to lose?
•It is something like Christmas and a birthday feast rolled into one.
I'd just rather not. それいやだ
That must have been tough....
my day is bursted 人生がだめなときに
May I have permission to go with my mate...
out of nowhere
  • We then heard a voice coming out of nowhere. : そして、どこからともなく声が聞こえてきた。
  • He popped in out of nowhere. : いつのまにか彼が来ていた。

If she gives him the present I gave, do you know how he feel about me?
He don't want someone to know such a thing.

blank stares ぼけっとする
I met/get with blank stares
recitation, recite
recite book!= practice (kind of )

breaking the ice = changed mood good = うちとける=切り込み隊長= ice breaker

arguement= 喧嘩

fart おなら
brain fart = careless miss

sometime funny cause.....(Teruyuki)
see like, you know.
any other word you don't understand
That is OK
That was last week.

I am sincerly sorry
I am sorry
My bad

New school = mordern
old school = out of data

piss me off=disgusting

find some passion in one's life
creepy ぞくぞくする Doro

place order 注文してください

I picked up from closet. I went to Dubai last year.

I am reserved. 控えめな

I'm in a relationship with her right now. 今、彼女と付き合っている。

anything goes すべてがまかり通る
•Anything goes in America.
in case anything goes wrong = Just in case

catch on = become popular
The song catches on everywhere.

Elderly citizens are falling for a number of crimes. : 年輩者たちが、多くの犯罪に巻き込まれている。
no rhyme or reason 筋道{すじみち}の通っていない、訳の分からない

baggy ぶかぶかの

Lance lesson
His boyfriend is a real airhead! 頭空っぽ
Your ideas about politics are all wet. 救いようがない
I almost fell asleep during the test after an all-nighter. 一夜漬け
I really need some antifreeze 酒
This town is really an armpit いやなところ
The boat was bashed beyond recognition. ぶっ壊れる

Lee lesson
to file a claim 被害届を出す
to sue someone 告訴する
She plans to sue the hospital after they gave her the wrong operation.
He was sentenced to three years in prison for his part in the robbery.
appeal 上訴する
We lost the case this time but there's going to be an appeal. We will never give up.
Premium 保険料
I am afraid that the cost of the annual premium has gone up again.
convicted 有罪判決を受ける
He has been convicted of shoplifting but luckily he doesn't have to go to prison.
arson 放火
They don't think the fire was an accident. they think is was arson.
He has filed for divorce. She is very upset about it.
He has been arrested and charged with fraud.

the standard zoom lens (250mm) did all the job

This is what it is like でぃしずわってぃてぃずらいく こんな感じか。。
Gotta be careful 気をつけなきゃ。

Don't get carried away.
•make way

•I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for such a long time.


But I can make it up to you (movie)

This is the part I am missing.
I need to think about what is missing.

Keyword phase
What is the mechanism by PIP3 level increases.
Now I found out that PIP3 decrases in single spine during single spine stimmulation.
Nowi it turned out that PIP3 decreases in the single spine during single spine stimulation.
I am wondering how PIP3 is regulated.
What is the mechanism by which PIP3 is regulated.
The PIP3 level is as same as the data to be taken

The level of PIP3 is 100 times less than the one of PIP2.
in the spine single spine stimulation recieved
Compared to the spine which recieved stimulation, control spine, which doesn't have stmulation, didn't give any change.
What is gonna happen in the case PIP3 decreases?
Cell was stained with DAG probe for 24 hour.

unrequited love
報われぬ恋、片思い (Glen)
sob story

I don't want it to be misunderstood.
But that's not exactly how I want it to be..."
She doesn't want it to just be smooth and expressionless.

I hope I can pull it off.
I think I'll be able to manage.
I can make it somehow, maybe.
Que ser ser
Things will work out.
What will be will be

Ad hoc idea worked better than I thought.

Prof. Z. Josh Huang
GABA receptor

at one's disposal (Italy)
porter (Italy)
運搬人{うんぱんにん}、ポーター、荷物運搬人{にもつ うんぱんにん}、赤帽{あかぼう}、ボーイ
linen (Italy)


In other words, On the contrary

Tell me about it? =agree it. 100% agreement
praise A for B ぷれいず
deny decline (machine)
refuse (personally) nealy same
foreign correspondent

affordable accommodation 金額的に手ごろな

He dumped her for a young girl.
run away = flee, The best strategy is to run away.
entrance exam for high school
old-fashioned japanese sweet shop
kick out him.
academic fraud =to lie about one's educational background
deviation score 偏差値

I hit on idea like this
I built the idea like this
I come up with idea
A good idea just occurred to me
Good idea comes to me.


and she prepared the thread by which water comes down.

Back off or you are toast.
how to wake up grumpy

I can't get any better than Ganz.

•That's how it is.
•That's the way he is.

•That's the way I am.
•That's the way I like it.

A chance acquaintance is a divine ordinance 

As of 2005 September, 2005年9月の時点で
Orci L et al PNAS 2009
Liou J et al current biology 2005
Roos, L et al J cell biology 2005
De paolo et al 2006 presynaptic side imaging.

I go on TV
appear on TV
shoot the commercial コマーシャルを撮影する

contry side(rural)---suberbs---city(urban)
A.D---B.C(before Christ)
Briam young
Athiesm---I don't believe the god.
Johova's witness(エホバの商人)

Homecoming --American foot ball.
Spring fling --everybody's party
Winter formal --girls ask men.
PROM --guys ask girls---very important

BYOB party
Bring your own booz party

good student よいstudent

right of passage


Can I have him call you back?
to some extent ある程度
If not now, then when?
their futures is a slow, arduous process
•arduous for elders
《be ~》老人{ろうじん}にとって困難{こんなん}である
•arduous research
《an ~》困難{こんなん}な研究{けんきゅう}
rule of thumb
you don't even know that あなたは、--さえ知らない。
serial section 連続切片

Chris 12Jan22一応やったよ。 sort of/more or less/ kind of

kudos= good job


vertical social
vertical relationship

ぽるとぎー ポルトガル語
carries malaria or disease.
present perfect continuous

have been teaching
I have been teaching English.
I have been eating food. But this is the daily routine.
I eat breakfast everyday.
I have been reading mori's novel for two years.

electrical appliance
clogging - similar jam. clog drain.
The drain is clogged with some foods.

It's durable.
vacume cleaner

contrastive stress
Are my jeans torn?
shirt シャツ
suitcases OK. but laggage is not pluory.

garbage disporsable machine
horizontary strips
daigonally strips

What are the chances for success?
what are the chances of
What are the chances?

red ocean
blue ocean

keep resolution
break resolution
make resolution


That is the way to go= way to go! そうだよ、その調子だよ。
Go for it!頑張れ!


stress or stress relieve
stress reliever(?)
Do you feel peace of mind?
Do you feel calm?
How is sadou working?
sane せいん= clear mind
Japanese traditional flowerarrangement
What is the hard about ikebana?
I myself 私自身
I 've tried the trial lesson.
no question
ecological イコロジカル not e エコとは言わない
environmentally friendly
not wasteful

apartheid あぱーたいど
You made up your story
rabies virus 狂犬病ウイルス
eclectic music 多岐にわたる音楽from angelina
hot はっと。
minesota twins
did you do any outdoor activity.
turkey ターキー トルコ
egg yolk high cholesterol
egg white high proteins
Are you an outdoor person?
do you not like outdoor? we can't use indoor.
もすこ もすくわ
giant killing  大物食い
smoke is coming out from it. from Ailine
concreate example 具体的な
abstract concept 抽象的なコンセプト
discreate  隠す、儚い。
手加減して。go easy on them?

Nothing really.〔質問をはぐらかす。または称賛の対象などについて謙遜◆Nothing. Really!のようにreallyを強調すると、重大なことをごまかしている印象になる。〕
back flip
I don't have any choice.しょうがない。
get in there そこに行く。750$4hour
相性 chemistry
good guess 推理
whatever the case いずれにせよ
sorry, I lied` or `sorry, I said the wrong thing
I encounter a robbery.あまり使わない。
I get hit upon robbery.
I got robbed.
I came across a robbery.
national anthem 国家
sanitation method system remove the garbagges
hygene condition

It seems unlikely that とは考えられない。
いつもそんなことしか考えてないの? Is that all you ever think about?
あなた以外のことは考えられない。 I can't think of anything but you.

fine with me, Yasunori. If Jacek agrees, he can send you the construct.
hope all is well at RIKEN

It would be appreciated if you could reduce unnecessary color copy.
Thanks for your cooperation.
please be informed that the printing cost of
the copy machine behind me

じゃなくて scratch that.

Is any slot available for lunch with Lihuei?

To do what you do what you couldn't do
is very good exprience for you.

One and a half years later,the last year and a half, during the next half hour
After finishing your lunch box, please separate your trash into plastics and burnables and deposit them in appropriate trash bags on your way out.
He bought lots of bottles. But I'm sure he'll have drunk all those by tonight.
Lisa had finished lunch when I arrived there.

what would you do? what are you gonna do? what will you do?
to put these findings in context,
preclude = remove, exclude
Americans look each other in the eyes when they are speaking as a way of showing that they are sincere.
Are you acquainted with her?
I didn't think I would ever get what I wanted without going through that relationship process.
A lot of people line up = queue up
aspire = strongly hope
respiration breath , perspiration sweet.
inferotemporal 下部側頭葉
which do you like the best? (Fullhouse)
Did you get a new muffler installed on the car?
How are you going to Boston?
How much are we in debt?
This is a little house made out of candy
point of view , from perspective on , in this respectの観点から
Where else could you put it?
Why do you have to work until this late
antarctic phosphatase
With the death of Mr. Smith, you are, in effect, the new company president.
short wavelength long wavelength

from 7 pm onward
fortnight 2週間{しゅうかん}
shipping address, billing address.
I am the recipient scientist.
all or none fashion
possible factor 可能性のあるファクター
in support of these finding= consistent with these data,
cause or effect?
three days a month(inはいらない)
dorsal - ventral
鉤状回 subiculum
investments in land and property 不動産投資
crumb パンのくず
follow up question 引き続き起こる質問
Indonesian people will never point to anything with their foot.
I would like to show my deep appreciation.
piece of cake = no sweat = as easy as ABC
drive home, bike home, pedal home.
I always drive to the office.

composition of lipid, PIP2, PIP3 again
many and a lot of and a bunch of and multiple, difference
Have the following materials on hand before beginning.
Damon might seem like a shoo-in to portray the slain U.S. presidential candidate, but he told us he is yet to see a script.
too dead for me
even then その時でさえ、その場合{ばあい}にも
no matter whether you look at genetics or whether you look at morphometrics."
live wire

8:15 quarter past eight
7:50 ten to eight
8:00ちょうど eight sharp
7:45 quarter to eight
8:05 eight oh five
8:10 ten past eight
1:00am 1o’clock in the morning