Phases I need in the discussion


based on what?
pull over here
対戦相手 opponent
calm down かーむだうん calm person
I ended up reading the book one day.
How do you end up living in Tokyo?
intrigued= very curious


香味徳 銀座

intuition, I used intuition.Goto-san,
Why Some People Evade Colds And Others Don't
These spines are devoid of ER.

It doesn't get much better than this!!! syo-tyan
I don't get more than this.

fraud ふろうど
boiling hot
freezing cold
stark naked
bone idle = very lazy
My toungh is bone dry= extremely dry
soaking wet very wet
stone cold = very cold
mout 堀
convene= be held

cause and effect

devastated=very sad
speechless=absolutely sad, He died yesterday... Speechless.
sheer bliss=absolutely wonderfull

What am I supposed to do about it?
What am I supposed to do with it?
What am I supposed to do?
What am I supposed to do? Read books?
僕は何すればいいんだよ?本でも読むの? 全文表示
What am I supposed to say?

When you pull electrode, please check program number not to change others'

How much is the raise?
Are you moving? (Francoise)

after a long interval
after so long 久しぶりに

I underwent computer training.

go somewhere else
I couldn't think of anywhere else to go.
I don't like the idea any more than you do.
income other than employment income
  • besides, except, apart from, other than:

 besidesは追加「~に加えて」,except は 除外「~を除いては」の意で用いる。apart from,other thanは追加と除外の両方に使える:
There are two children in my family besides[apart from, other than, ×except]me.(私の家族には私以外に子供が二人いる)《英語では「私に加えて」と発想する》/
I have been to every country in Asia except[×besides, ×apart from, ×other than]China.(私は中国を除いてアジアの全ての国に行ったことがある)

He has no friends except[besides, apart from, other than]Tom and Bill.(トムとビル以外彼は友達が無い)  
What should be done?
What would it be like if you can do it?
How would it be if you can do it?
What is gonna happen if you can do that?
What is it like
How much is it gonna be?

keep an eye on
Can I pick your brain?
are you pulling my leg?   jut a kidding?
Francis always gets tongue-tied when he meets a girl he likes.
Trixie put her foot in it when she mentioned Malcolm's divorce.
I laughed my head off when I watched the slapstick comedy on TV.
"Are you ready to go on stage?"
"No, I'm not ready! I'm beginning to get butterflies in my stomach!" 

If I pull this off, I'll never have to work again.
I hope I can pull it off.
How are you going to pull that off?

procrastinat=put off/postpone
Don't procrastinate, life is short.

perseverance persistence

what can be used?
what can it be used for?

From the point of the animals,
cruelty cruel
endanger spices
animal refuge = animal safe place
heated debate
The debate heated up.
very costly =expensive
I don't know where we should draw the line?
skeptical = doubtful

Petrified of closes space
pyroforbia =petrified of water
Ingrained error.

I'm getting back on my feet.

happy medium = balance
My work is very hectic.

touch wood. superstition
hand in hand = take together

You treat me so badly.
That is unfair treatment.
peace treaty.

We are doing the best til the last second!!!(iTune)

It's been too long.

under the weather

wine fest.
sack of potatoes and potates rolling of
ku klux klan vs Malcom X, civil rights

whatever it is
whatever the NY one is not.
whatever the NY one is. ニューヨークone

Treatment of hair with detergents is dangerous.
Treatment of cells with dengerous drug is gonna cause death of cells.

She looks adoreble.
You look real fine in that shirt.
The suit looks great on you.
That dress suits you.〔ほめる〕
That dress is very becoming on you.

I am gonna treat you this time.
But next time treat me.
Treating your cell phone well
noun treat ごほうび
noun treatment 処置
Wrong treatment of X-ray (wrong)
Wrong treatment of something with X-ray.
He treats the elderly in an impolite way.
Oh, butterfinger is product name.

disguise as polisemen
disguise true emotion

How would you do that?はーうじゅーどーざ。

to make a story short,
pass it along, pass it down
welcome backs
nomad, nomadic people
Oh, that is a butter finger.
punctuality = on time

I heard I could go swiming in the hotel.
Could I have one-third of it?

BBC learning 6min English

naive about the difference between A and B

I want shopping spree.
If I have to choose one, it would be...

Japanese yen has been rising due to economical situation.
means the thing people cannot sleep.

how likely is that you can do it?
RNAi can be set in motion = start to move
How long have you been here?

They can because they think they can.
art pieces lance
順不同で no paticular order
possibly are you say something because

proposition 前置詞 lance
blow your mind
report card
slant 斜め
accessible room

whooping cough  百日咳
I can swing over to this.
No hotel reservation will be processed or confirmed
by SfN Housing without providing credit card guarantee information
for hotel billing. IMPORTANT: SfN Housing will forward 
all individual credit card information to the hotel for processing.
Your honest feedbacks will be very much appreciated.
TOYOBO phosphate of 5' and 3'
When you used to live in Ibaraki.
haggle = negosiation
bid= auction
chipped and scratched flattered tire.
tail light
What is it now?
feel annoied.

total wreck.
It is our pleasure to announce the 13th BSI Retreat.
Please be advised that the BSI Retreat 2010 online registration page is now open!
so please secure your poster space now
keeping your balance closing your eyes standing on one leg is very diffecult.
vows = promise ばうす
right hander or left hander
After moving to Japan
article in question お問い合わせの品。
case in question 本件
bathroom sink
something is wrong with a tank
kittchen counter is the place to cook.
through up something
we need to be plastered.
fixer-upper is the room having a lot of troubles.
Floor tiles are peeled. Thelinoleum is peeled off.
riped off means actively peeled.
skim the article.
skimmed milk is
Yuba is skimmed u
signed up

It need to be replace or plugged.
what is wrong the jacket?
have a tear.
They are torn.
back and sleeve are torn.
This table is scrated and stained.
top table.
what do we have to do?
spoiled food = rotten means easy to see not to eat.
It spoiled my day. Don't spoil kid wagamama-suruna. need to be disiplined
fixing repairing replaceing broken chipped cracked
hem hemming tape. The hem is to be sewn.
The result turned out in a way beyound anyone's imagination.
How long did you say you had them?
how long to be nurse? abbrebiation.
when in use 使うとき when not in use 使わないとき
Don't panic. Pull yourself together 慌てるな。しっかり。
まだ情報をまとめている最中です。】"I'm still pulling together information."
upon dephosphorylation
behind me, in front of me、横は?by me上は?on me, over me 下は?斜めは?
This inormation will help SfN to foster diversity in all society affairs.
Your credit card is about to charged $465.
No hotel meet your requirment.
Of course we will cover a portion.
I think that gives away the fact that I like to travel. Ivy
Year, I came up with as follows!
He feels rewarded finally.
This message may not be from whom it claims to be.
Beware of following any links in it or of

the sender with any personal information. 
burise あざ
head-to-head competition 直接対決
blues ブルース
in order not to それを免除するために
in order not to go to military servive in Korea, you have to be top student.

in order to have less people use car,

He insisted on me(my) paying money.
I'm proud of my son(my son's) being a doctor.
She is afraid of us(our) telling a lie.
He is ashamed of being scolded by his teacher
I'm proud of not being scolded by my boss

She is afraid of me(my) being arrested by poice.

nestin: neural stem cell marker
BrdU: staining dividing cells

we therefore sought to use DNA microarray analysis to comprehensively analyze the polyclonal selection outputs
and identify additional phoshatidylinositide-binding protein fragments.

The authors make the point that they can detect physiologically produced PIP3.

ぽるとぎー ポルトガル語
carries malaria or disease.
present perfect continuous

have been teaching
I have been teaching English.
I have been eating food. But this is the daily routine.
I eat breakfast everyday.
I have been reading mori's novel for two years.

electrical appliance
clogging - similar jam. clog drain.
The drain is clogged with some foods.

It's durable.
vacume cleaner

contrastive stress
Are my jeans torn?
shirt シャツ
suitcases OK. but laggage is not pluory.

garbage disporsable machine
horizontary strips
daigonally strips


MNI-Gluとcaged GABAのタイミングが少しでもずれるとやばい。
If there is even a little bit of difference
in position between 910 nm and 720 nm laser,
uncaging experiment doesn't work well.

Yah, Japnanese people dislike such a thing like a needle.
So that thing should be discarded in the round shape white trush,
in which serum attached something is also discarded.

based on the above consideration
The susceptibility gene for Cowden syndrome was mapped to 10q22-q23.
it's in part because the immunity of people who were immunized earlier has waned," he adds.

inhbitory effect of U73122 on Ca++ influx was confirmed
We are gonna show the inhibitory effect of U73122.
This raises the intriguing possiblility that

しかし、PDZ domainが必要でない理由にはならない。
Exactly it is reported that the removal of palmitoylation leads to
change in clutering of GluR. However this data doesn't remove
the possibility that PDZ domain is not requirment.


Taken together, can I think as follows?
The protein entering into the spine more than RFP is caused by
another proteins which binds to the entering proteins.
There is no system like that

So it is no wonder to think that the function of lipid phosphatase of PTEN is crucial for tumour and hamatoma.
So it is reasonable thinking that ...
What do you want to happen?
I wonder if that
What is the mechanism by which the concentration of calcium increases?
What is the activation mechanism for PTEN and what is the effecor of PTEN?
What if the hypothesis is wrong?
What about PTEN?
This system is aplicable to Camui probe.
These findings raise the possiblility that
Based on biochemical experiments,
This data is supported by the finding that 裏付けられる
What's gonna happen if you
How much depth do you observe?
What shoud be done with next step?

NMDAR tetramer from NR1 and R2. NR2 is compose of NR2A, NR2B
NR2C,NR2D. NR1 has glycine binding site. D-AP5 antagonist MK-801 channel blocker

Suitable Quality、Sufficient General Interest、Conclusions Justified、
Clearly Written、Procedures Described、
Supplemental Material Warranted

正規分布normal distribution
帰無仮説null hypothesis
対立仮説alternative hypothesis
t distribution t分布