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Dear xxx

We are currently developing an information base of water supply and sanitation in countries worldwide.
It would be highly appreciated if you could help us produce an information sheet regarding water supply and sanitation situation in your country.
Please fill in the template below with any information you may have.
Your help will be much appreciated.

Country Name

1. Basic Information
1.1 Geography/ Economy
   * capital
   * population
   * GDP
1.2 History
Water Chronology
Year / Water related event or major milestone /Notes
(Historical backgrounds of the country and major water related events)

2. Water Resources and Utilization
2.1 Water Resources
(Abundance of water resources, rainy/dry seasons, water sources being used, etc)
2.2 Water Use
(Water allocation for agricultural, industrial and municipal uses, wastewater reuse, characteristics of water use, etc)
2.3 Municipal Water Use
(municipal water supply per person, distribution, differences between urban and rural water supply, etc)

3. Public Attitudes toward Water
3.1 Collection Rate
(Collection rate of water bills, people's attitudes toward and willingness to pay for water supply, etc)
3.2 Water Pricing System
(Average water rate per unit of water, how the water rate is decided, etc)
3.3 Water Claims and Complaints
(Average water needs, distinctive attitudes or awareness on water, etc)

4. Water related Legislation, Laws, Regulations and Standards
4.1 Policies and Plans
(National Development Plan, Water sector Master Plan, etc)
4.2 Laws and Regulations
(Water related legislation on water supply and sewerage, environmental water quality standards, drinking water quality standards, etc)
4.3 Water related Institutions
(Organizations in charge of implementing policies and legislations)

5. Water Supply and Sewerage Utilities
5.1 Water Supply and Sewerage Coverage
(Number of water supply and sewerage utilities, their distribution, coverage rage, access rate for safe water and basic sanitation, etc)
5.2 Other Performances
(Leakage rate, attainment of 24hr water supply, other quantitative indicators for assessing the utility performance)

6. Development Aid and Private Involvement
6.1 Domestic Aid
(Aid to regional utilities from the national government, etc)
6.2 Other Aid
(ODA, etc)
6.3 Privatization
(Privatization, Public Private Partnerships, etc)
7. Water related Technologies
(What type of technologies are being used, local technological levels, technological standards, indigenous technologies, any other interesting stores, etc)



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