Where's the place you're renting?


The level we're on now has various companies and government administration buildings.
Shopping centers and residential areas are below that.
In other words, the bigwigs are up on top,and the commoners all live down below among the teaming masses.
Speaking of which, where's the place you're renting?

The chief rented it for me, lemme check...
Here it is!
Arnould Area, 3-14, Room 4.

In that case, I'll walk you partway there, I guess.
We're going in the same direction.

Hey, are you renting a place in the Arnould Area, too?

Nah, I have an appointment at the Grand Hotel nearby.
The chief asked me if I would deliver this.

Aren't we early? We still have more than two hours.

Hey, it takes a little while to get dressed up, you know.
Besides, I wanna have some time to unwind before we do that.

hotel clerk:
Welcome to the hotel.

Thanks. We have a reservation under the name "Sullivan".

hotel clerk:
Yes, Of course, Miss. Sullivan. We've been expecting you.
I'll see to your luggage.

No need for all that fuss...
This boy hardly seems like the formalwear type...

I'm Carmichael, from the Second Division.
I'm here about the end of the month balance sheet for the...

old co-worker:

Oh! You transferred here?

old co-worker:
I just couldn't keep up with those lifers.
For a guy from a small company like me, the numbers and pressures were just way too much.

What's Dolf up to now?

He's still a man who lives for his job.

old co-worker:
That man is amazing.
I mean he's doing so well for himself.
But a department head at the big company like Technora.
I hear he's in line for the board of directors!

Really? I don't know. I don't keep up with the gossip.

old co-worker:
That man is something else.
He always was amazing, even back in the old days.
The two of us are like night and day, you know?
Hey, why don't we go get some dinner or something?
We can reminisce about old times!

bigwig(s): 権力者、重要人物
partway : [副]途中まで、ある程度(まで)、幾分、部分的に、いくらか
unwind: くつろぐ
reminisce: 回想する、思い出を語る
fuss: 大騒ぎ、空騒ぎ
lifer : 〈話〉〔ある仕事・研究などに〕一生を捧げる人; 〈話〉古参の人
do well for oneself : 〔商売などが〕成功する、〔商店などが〕繁盛する
in line for : ~の候補で
reminisce about : ~の思い出[追想]にふける


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