Uah~ It's HER again! Ever since thatfateful day,acertain girl has turned my life upside-down

Even if I try to tell you to stop I'd just be wasting my breath You don't listen to a freakin word I say

Stop running around and give it a rest (You'll fall on your ass) More than anything, I just wanna sleep

Please just leave mealone (I wasn't sleepping. Really! I swear!)

Can I rest my knees for some energy so when you call me,I can be right over?(Come on, let's go)

Ah, the dangerometer is nearly at its breaking point(It's about to burst!)

Ah, before I get away, the nightmaredescends upon me "Hurry up, it's time to go!"

Ah! Would you please not ruin my day? I really just wanna chill anyway!(That's right!)

Don't push all of your goals on me Theyreally don't matter to me "What the hell did you say!?"

Can I have an ordinary life? It's reallygreat. Why don't you give it a try?(really, just try it out.)

Before you get yourself in too deep, I thinkthat you for your own sake, just give it up

My life has changed all for the worst with allthe things you put me through (yeah, thanks a lot)

It's like being in the typhoon's eye and it'sfrighteningly quiet in here... (Just like the calm before the storm)Hah

"Hey guys, I'm here again!" The crap is nowabout to hit the floor (Don't spread your virus to the internet!)

Hah, and yet I sigh again It seems like I will have to brace myself "Let's get it started right NOW!"(ready go)

I hope for once you don't start anythingI can deal without the strangness today (Yeah, PLEASE!)

It is possible for you refrain, right, right, Fromyour adventures, right!? "Yeah, I do believe you" (yeah, right)

Oh the days that were normal to me Oh how I want ithow it used to be (Oh so very much)

Can I go back to my regular life!? Whatever,I give up (It's no use,)

Alright, I can't take it anymore. Enough, you guys better tell me right now!

Is everyone so stupified to do anything about this?! Isit really OK to let her do what she wants?

The grass is greener on the other side. So greenyou can see happy little birds trotting around.

Face reality. It's just a dream! Wake up!!SOMEBODY LISTEN TO ME"AHHH!!!!

The dangerometer is going clear off the scaaaaaale! Ahahah I gotta...oh shit, it's too late the nightmare comes...

Oh no, here she comes! "Come on, quit your mumbling,man!!" Would you please not ruin my day?

Can I just be lazy today!? (that's right!) Don't push all of your goalson me They really don't matter to me

"Oh, you really suck, Kyon!" (Shut up!!) Can Ihave an ordinary life? It's really great.

Why don't you give it a try? (Once, just once!) Before you get yourself in TOO deep,

you should just give it up (come one, you can do it!!) Can I go back to my regular life?

(Oh, please, please, please, please, please!!) Screw it, I give up (Make up you mind!!)


Come on, Mikuru, talk some sense into her! Come on, Yuki, stop playing the guitar.

You can say something, too, damn it!! AHH Itsuki,no! Keep your damn mouth shut. (this is long)



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