1-1 T.H.ピーコック


1-2 D.アブドル・アマディ


3-2 不詳


1-1 T. H. Peacock:
Died a month ago. Internal body parts intact. Right hand had been cut off at the wrist due to severe necrosis.
Should be used in the upcoming tests, or he will soon be useless. The balsam can keep him preserved no more than a few days.
1-2. D. Abdul Ahmadi:
Brought here two weeks ago. Still soft and tender, and somewhat warm, so the balsam evidently still works.
Note: Some of the men say they hear him whispering at night. They swear that if you put your ear on the coffin lid,
you can hear him calling the name of the special new arrival, an unknown pharaoh from ancient Egypt.
This stupid rumour could cause turmoil amongst them; I must somehow find a way to stop this.
3-2 Unknown:
Arrived three days ago, but his identity is still unknown. Shal'ief Bin Hummarh is working on it.
The body appears to be in good shape, so he could be hard to control. We should be careful with this one.