Hello, foreign students! Welcome to Japan and thank you for accessing the Chuo University Shorinji Kempo Club's website!
We're sure that you are lucky because you found out this Shorinji Kempo Club in numerous other clubs.


First, we'll introduce you to funbamental knowledge of Shorinji Kempo.

Shorinji Kempo is a kind of Japanese original martial arts which consists of "goho"(system for punch and kick) and "juho"(system for throw and joint locking).

Shorinji Kempo is made up of hundreds of techniques and you can learn self-defence techniques which are the most suitable for each situations(for example, someone grab your sleeves, etc...). And you can learn each techniques individually and thoroughly.

Therefore, even if you are novice, that is OK. Most of all members in this club began Shorinji Kempo just after entering the University so you can practice without uneasiness.

Of course, don't worry about language barrier. All of members are very friendly and can speak "a little English". Gap between different languages is not a big problem.

Everybody is welcome without regard to motives and purposes! (To learn self-defence techniques in Japan, to practice Japanese, to take this occasion to interact with Jaoanese students, etc...)

Please visit or take trial lesson if you are interested in Shorinji Kempo!

<The date and time you can inspect or take trial lesson>

Tama campus

day practice(13:00~14:30) night practice(18:20~20:20)
Monday Gymnagium1(Itabari-Dojo)
Tuesday Gymnagium1(Itabari-Dojo) Gymnagium1(Itabari-Dojo)
Wednesday Gymnagium1(Itabari-Dojo)
Thursday Gymnagium1(Itabari-Dojo) Gymnagium1(Arena)
Friday Gymnagium1(Itabari-Dojo)
Satuaday Gymnagium1(Arena)(11:00~12:30)

campus at Korakuen

night practice
Monday Building No.2(7th period0)
Tuesday Building No.2(7th period0)
Thursday Building No.2(7th period)
Friday Building No.2(7th period)

access【campus in Tama:Itabari-Dojo】

①Go into to the lobby of The Gymnagium1 and down the stairs right. ②Turn light corridor.③Go through the corridor with looking locker room right side.

access【campus in Korakuen:部室】


【Things you need to preparate】Observation――Nothing  Trial practice――Sportware

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